Since I was little I always dreamed big about owning my own business and watching it blossom over time. In 2010 Husband and I (Kyle & Debbie Williams Owner) started to turn our dreams into reality, with selling sterling silver on Ebay, and when that was not enough 2012 we moved into Mineral & Gem Shows not only in Florida, but North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, what a trips, because we were still punching a clock, plus doing about 30 shows per year. As our customer base started to grow, we were needing to land into a storefront.
In June of 2017 we made that dream happen, not only for us but for the 8 other artist that we showcase in our store in Sarasota, Florida. When started to see our dream blossom into so much more than we ever thought it could.
Come along the journey with us as we show you how shopping with us you get the 1 of a kind pieces but you get to meet our artist and their work.
The groupof Artist work with Organic and Repurposed materials. Fish/Trees/Pearls/Grass/Metals/Fabrics/etc. We hope you will enjoy our website and continue to come back and shop often.https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008168500292
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